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There are a lot of hardwood flooring options these days, from beautiful exotic woods to traditional woods from right here in the United States, such as oak and elm. You can choose from dark hardwood or light hardwood, as well as a ton of different finishes. Hardwood flooring can make your whole home stunningly beautiful.

As New Jersey and New York’s Top Rated Local® carpet and flooring store, Floor Expo offers the best in commercial and residential hardwood flooring options, as well as carpet, tile, vinyl, and laminate. We offer almost all major brands of carpet, wood, vinyl, and tile, including Mohawk, Stanton, and Shaw. We take pride in the amazing customer experience we offer with our 20,000 square foot showroom.

In our previous blog post, we spent quite some time taking a look at dark hardwood floors, their benefits, and their disadvantages. In this blog post, we’ll spend an equal amount of time taking a look at light hardwood floors and their benefits and disadvantages. Contact us today for your free estimate!


  • 100% foolproof. Light-colored hardwood floors (pine, maple, popular, and the like) are for those who are designed-challenging, meaning you can choose any style, any color, any decor, or any furniture combination, and your room will look good.
  • Great for rooms with little natural light. Light reflects very well off any light-colored surface, including light-colored hardwood floors, especially if they have a gloss on top. Light-colored hardwood floors instantly brighten up a room, and they also make small spaces appear bigger. This is why you’ll see light-colored floors in condos and townhomes more than any other type.
  • Hide light-colored messes. If you have a white dog or cat, then light-colored hardwood floors are for you. Light-colored hardwood floors are excellent at hiding light-colored dirt, debris, and food spills, which allows you to put off vacuuming for a bit longer.
  • Great for pet owners and families with kids. Floor Expo notes that light-colored hardwood floors are also much better at hiding scratches than dark-colored hardwood flooring. This is great news for Fido when he runs across your light hardwood flooring to greet you at the door and slams on the breaks at the last minute. Kids who are notorious for inadvertently causing injury to homes inadvertently love light-colored hardwood floors as well.
  • Considered timeless and traditional. Light-colored hardwood floors are considered timeless and traditional because they go with everything. Furthermore, light-colored hardwood flooring was the first type of hardwood flooring offered. Light hardwood makes a room brighter and cheerier.


  • Can wash out your room. Light-colored hardwood floors can leave your room with a washed out, older look, especially if you have an abundance of antique furniture.
  • Not as durable as dark hardwoods. Light-colored hardwood flooring is made from trees that are not as durable as hardwoods (they have a low Janka Hardness Scale score, which is a measure of a wood’s resistance to wear and tear). This means that these trees (Douglas fir, birch, and pine are examples) can be more easily dented and scratched. They will also show wear and tear a lot sooner in high-traffic areas. Floor Expo notes that light-colored hardwood flooring also can be marked by shoes, furniture, and other items.
  • More upkeep. Since light-colored hardwood flooring is less durable, you’ll have to spend more time and money on its upkeep. This means more staining and refinishing, so it will look its best.


Like all things in life, the choice between light hardwood and soft hardwood flooring comes down to personal preference. We’ve listed the main benefits and disadvantages to both. Now it comes down to the primary use of your flooring, the design and size of your home, if you have pets and kids, and which look you like the best for your home and decor.


Floor Expo offers so many flooring options that it can be dizzying. This is why we recommend that you make an appointment with one of our experienced floor designers who can go through all of your options and help you to narrow down your choices. With our high-quality, long-lasting flooring products, you’ll be sure to find the right option for you.

Once you decide upon your next hardwood flooring, Floor Expo offers flooring installation from one of our amazing partners who will get you taken care of. Our mission is to offer you a one-of-a-kind customer experience that will have you raving to your friends about our flooring products and services. We do this through stellar customer service where we strive to meet your needs and solve any problems you may have. We also are here to answer all of your questions and explain the pros and cons of all of our flooring types. Our beautiful showroom offers you the chance to see what your flooring would look like in a room, and because we obtain our flooring straight from the manufacturer, our prices are much lower than the competition’s. We offer no-pressure sales and free estimates for both home or your business.

If you are in the market for new hardwood floors, carpet, tile, or linoleum, stop by Floor Expo’s showroom today, and make an appointment with a design specialist. Your flooring is almost a reality; make it one with us today!