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Here’s what to know about kitchen and bathroom tile

Bathroom and kitchen tile make designing your space much more straightforward, with extensive visual options and layouts. It also makes it easier to protect your area, even against heavy wear. If you're preparing to upgrade your kitchen or bath, tile products offer various attributes to cater to your need.

With so many options available for every area, it's common to feel overwhelmed at the beginning of the process. But with some help and knowledge, you can make the most of any size remodel. Here are some kitchen and bathroom tile options to consider as you shop.

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Finding the perfect materials for every space

Bathrooms and kitchens have many of the same attributes, such as damp, humid conditions, items dropped, and constant traffic. That's why tile can easily cater to both spaces, meeting most needs. So, whether you need the perfect flooring or a fantastic backsplash, this material provides excellent advantages wherever they're placed.

In the kitchen, it's typical for splashing to occur when preparing, cooking, and serving meals. That's why it makes sense to utilize kitchen backsplash tile for wall protection and easy cleanup. At the same time, you'll find you can match your décor with stunning yet unique pieces that bring the stunning results you want and need.

The same protection is helpful in the bathroom, especially if you have children. A backsplash protects against water, hand washing, toothpaste splatters, and daily care products. Using tile for your flooring is just as essential and helpful.

To guard against water damage, choosing bathroom floor tiles for the entire space can be helpful. We'll help you narrow down your choices to meet your specific needs. Share your needs while you're here to get your remodel underway.
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At Floor Expo Inc., you’ll find plenty of products and services to meet any need for your remodel. When you speak with our experienced associates, you’ll find we are dedicated to your success, no matter the remodel size. Give us your requirements and preferences for bathroom and kitchen tile, and we’ll work with you from start to finish.

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