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Why choose Floor Expo to cover all your commercial flooring needs

Product expertise - High quality, long lasting products
Quality Installation - All installers are certified, licensed, and well-trained
Premium Service - We go out of our way to make sure things are done right
Selection - You name it, we probably have it
Sales Staff - Not just trained to sell, but to consult and advise. Your flooring should be an investment that helps bring in and keep business.
Prices - No middlemen, no distributors. We pass those savings on to you.
Financing - Need financing? We have options.
Estimates - Free estimates. You have nothing to lose by getting a quote.

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We've been providing flooring solutions since 1980.
With every service we provide, you'll get a 1-year labor warranty.
Our specialists are licensed, bonded, and certified and we never use subcontractors.
Save 20 percent on your flooring needs!.
With us, you'll find exclusive options you won't find anywhere else.
No matter your budget, we've got you covered.

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As New Jersey's leading hardwood installers, we proudly offer the following brand manufacturers:

Why choose and established flooring company?

Choosing a flooring company for business needs is a little bit different than choosing one for residential work. For starters, business owners are thinking about their customers rather than their own preferences. And that choice can actually affect how well the business does. Here are some of the benefits business owners who hire an established flooring company can reap.
You get to see their previous work

When it comes to a service like flooring, aesthetic is half of what you're paying for. It's also part of what is setting the ambiance inside of your business, affecting customers and employees alike. While you can't always determine function by things like galleries of previous work, you can get a great idea of what the finished product might look like for your business.
You know they have experience

Contracting is not a field for trial and error. When a business owner makes a decision, they want to know it's going to be carried out correctly. By looking at other companies a flooring contractor has worked with, a company can determine their experience level, and even better determine the quality of their work.
See the brands they work with

Finding an exceptional flooring contractor is great, but won't do much if they don't work with the top brands in the industry. Whether this is for better installation or repairs, access to warranties, etc., a working relationship with the top flooring brands is a great benefit to working with an established company.

For the ultimate commercial flooring solution, turn to Floor Expo

Your commercial floors are a big deal, so when it’s time to install, upgrade or replace the flooring in your building, it’s important to find a company you can trust for the job. Here at Floor Expo, we’ve been helping business owners find the right commercial flooring solutions for more than 30 years, and since we are experts in all flooring types, including vinyl, hardwood, carpet, laminate and tile, no other company is better equipped to handle your needs. With so many flooring options to choose from, we’re confident that we can help you find the right solution for your tastes, functionality needs and budget.

With Floor Expo, gain the peace of mind in knowing that you're in good hands

Not only do we have the experience and the expertise to help with your commercial flooring needs, but we also back up our work with a one-year labor guarantee. Our high-level of attention to detail combined with our dedication to excellence has also helped us earn the Super Service Award from Angie’s List. Take the first step towards the right flooring solution for your commercial building. Contact us today for your free estimate.