Hardwood floors have become one of the most popular flooring options for both homeowners and business owners for the obvious reasons: durability, beauty, and ease of care. However, many people are divided straight down the aisle as to whether dark wood floors are the best or light wood floors are.

Floor Expo is the top flooring company in New York and New Jersey. We offer many flooring options to choose from, from hardwood floors and carpet to linoleum and vinyl. We are known for our superior customer service, our best-in-the-business, high-quality flooring, and our financing options to make your flooring a reality. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at dark hardwood floors. Contact us today for your free estimate!


  • Contrasts with light furniture and colors. One of the best advantages of dark hardwood floors, which includes ebony, mahogany, and cherry, is that it makes a great contrast with light colors, so light-colored furniture, light-colored wallpaper, and the like.
  • Versatile. Dark hardwood flooring is wide open in terms of styling and mood setting. You can create a very formal space or have a kid’s playroom full of stuffed animals and Legos with dark hardwood flooring.
  • Absorbs light. Dark hardwood absorbs light more so than its lighter counterpart, which means it is more resistant to fading than other hardwoods. This means that they will last longer, especially in rooms with a ton of natural sunlight.
  • Easy to clean. All hardwood floors are easy to clean. You can vacuum daily to remove dust, dirt, and debris and then mop and polish them once a week.
  • Hides dirt and debris. And if you don’t have time to sweep once a day because your dog had to go to the vet suddenly, your dark hardwood floors will hide the dirt for you. Just be aware that lighter-colored food will show up more on dark hardwood flooring.
  • Beauty. The beauty of dark hardwood floors is undeniable. You can see the texture and the wood’s natural grain, which is just a delight to behold. Hardwood floors bring a bit of nature indoors for your enjoyment.
  • Increases home value. Dark hardwood floors are more popular than light hardwood floors for the above reasons. Thus, houses or businesses with dark hardwood floors are valued higher than their light wood counterparts.
  • More durable. Dark hardwoods tend to score higher on the Janka Hardness Scale (the scale that tells how resistant wood is to dents and wear and tear), which means they are more durable than their lighter hardwood counterparts.


  • Pet hair is not your friend. Dark hardwood flooring allows pet hair to stick out like a green M&M in a Valentine mix, especially if you have a light-colored pet. Other light-colored debris and spills (like milk) stand out as well.
  • Scratches are more noticeable. Hardwood floors can be scratched, but scratches on dark hardwood flooring often stand out more than on light hardwood flooring. However, adding a finish to your hardwood floors can help to decrease the appearance of the scratches.
  • Dark hardwood floors can make a room seem darker. If you have a room that does not get a lot of natural sunlight, then dark hardwood floors can make the room seem darker and than it is. Furthermore, if you live in a small condo or apartment, dark hardwood flooring can make your space seem smaller as well. However, by adding in light color furniture or wall paint, you can diminish these effects. Adequate artificial lighting can make this a moot point as well.
  • It can be harder to stain darker hardwood. Maple wood is notorious for not accepting stains, as are some others.
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