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In our last blog post, we discussed some of the benefits of investing in area rugs (rugs that cover a hard surface flooring) for your hardwood flooring, including how area rugs add comfort, reduce noise, and add in an aesthetic value that can tie your whole room decor together. In this blog post, we’ll review some more benefits of area rugs to consider for your rooms with hardwood flooring.

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Added Warmth

Rugs are inherently warmer than their hardwood flooring and other types of flooring counterparts because a rug is like putting on clothing to a hardwood floor. It’s the difference between stepping out of the shower and having clothes on.

Lowers Energy Costs

Tying into the added warmth of your rug, rugs help insulate your flooring, which keeps your room warmer and keeps the heat from escaping as quickly into the room.

Complete Your Space

It’s that feeling you get that something is right and homey but can’t put your finger on what it is. This is what an area rug does, and what Floor Expo, the best commercial and residential flooring expert in New Jersey, means when we say area rugs complete the space. For example, if you are using an area rug in your living room, you need one that has all of the main furniture pieces sitting on the rug. If you don’t, subconsciously your brain thinks that the furniture is floating. Thus, in this case, an area rug is anchoring your furniture like it would a boat.

For those who believe in energy fields and feng shui, an area rug can slow down the energy in a room, be relaxing, and be more inviting. Feng shui teaches that energy flows faster over harder surfaces, and thus can cause you anxiety. This may lead to a feeling of a bit of chaos in the room if there is nothing to slow down the energy. An area rug brings calm into the room and can be a great conversation starter as well!


The great thing about area rugs is that they are easy to move should you decide to move your furniture around, remodel, or just remove them completely. Most you can roll up and store them easily. Sometimes just changing out your area rugs can completely change the overall feel of the room without having to resort to expensive remodels.

Makes a Great Kids’ Play Area

Little kids, like babies and toddlers, spend a lot of their time on the floor. This makes sense; a floor is so much closer to them than it is for us. In fact, it’s easier for them to sit on the floor than a chair sometimes. Thus, this means that an area rug can create a nice, warm space for your baby or toddler to play that is comfortable and will catch all of their spills.

Lessens allergies

Many people have their carpeting removed from their home because a family member has severe allergies. Carpets collect dirt, dust, pollen, and other allergens that exacerbate symptoms of allergy sufferers. For years, people were told to remove all carpet in order to help with allergies, which many people did. However, recent studies show that carpet catching allergens is a good thing because it keeps allergies out of the air where allergy sufferers then breathe it in. Floor Expo notes that installing an area rug in a room could be the best of both worlds for those suffering from allergies.

Protects Your Hardwood Floors From Damage

One of the disadvantages of hardwood flooring is that it can be scratched, which then makes your hardwood floors look bad and lowers the value of your home or business if you try to sell it. Area rugs help to protect your hardwood floors from the wear and tear of everyday use, such as your son spilling his milk or your dog’s claws scampering along it. Dropping heavy objects on your hardwood flooring can have a severe impact as well.


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