When you want the perfect option for your commercial space, you want Mohawk laminate floors.

Commercial floors have to put up with a whole lot more traffic and abuse than residential floors do, which is what makes the durability and easy-to-maintain appeal of laminate floors so hard to say no to. But, you should also know that all laminate floors are not made the same, and when you want to make a sound investment for your commercial space that you can feel good about, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than Mohawk commercial laminate floors.

Enjoy innovative technology with Mohawk commercial laminate flooring.

There are so many different brands of laminate floors out there that you could choose for your commercial space, so what makes Mohawk a superior choice? Mohawk utilizes the very best technology to provide you with the very best results.


ScratchGuard is what makes Mohawk’s laminate easier to maintain and more durable than any other laminate flooring option. With ScratchGuard, you won’t have to worry about dirt or dust scratching or dulling your floors, and it will keep them looking brand new for longer.

Uniloc® Locking System

The process for installing most laminate floors is time consuming and messy. But with the one-of-a-kind, tongue-and-groove Uniloc system, installation is easier and faster than ever before. This system not only simplifies installation, but it also helps your laminate stand up to moisture and spills more effectively.

GenuEdge™ Technology

If you dream of the classic look of hardwood, but you want something more durable and easier to maintain, then you’ll love GenuEdge Technology. This is a unique process that helps to create the most realistic looking hardwood. Plus, it also helps to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust, making your floors easier to maintain.


Let us help you find the right laminate floors for your commercial space.

Deciding on Mohawk laminate floors is just the first step in the process. Next, you have to find the right style, color, etc. Let Floor Expo simplify the process for you! Stop by our flooring showroom in Fairfield or contact us for your free design consultation.