Equip your commercial space with the very best carpet tiles from Mohawk.

Carpet tile is an excellent option for offices, retails stores and a whole host of other commercial spaces. It’s incredibly durable, easy to maintain, easy to install, easy to remove and environmentally friendly. Because commercial floors have to put up with a lot more foot traffic and abuse than residential floors, carpet tiles are much sturdier, and they’re a much smarter investment than run-of-the-mill carpet for most commercial spaces. But, unfortunately, not all carpet tiles are made equal. When you want the best, most stylish carpet tiles for your commercial space, there’s no better option than Mohawk carpet tiles.

Enjoy innovative technology with Mohawk carpet tiles.

As a leader in the flooring industry, Mohawk does carpet tiles leagues above everyone else. Part of the reason for this is the advanced fibers they use to provide their carpet tiles with even more resilience and durability. Here is a couple of the technologies offered through Mohawk that you won’t find anywhere else.


Through all of the wear and tear, sun exposure and traffic your carpet tiles have to put up with, a little fading is only natural. But, ColorStrand fibers are designed to keep the colors brilliant and true for the life of your tiles.


Commercial carpet tiles are exposed to so many different people, and spills are bound to happen. But, luckily, spills are no match for Duracolor fiber. Duracolor provides next-level stain resistance; in fact, it can resist 99 percent of all common stains! Best of all, its stain resistance is permanent. It won’t fade over time, and you won’t have to apply continuous treatments.

Let us help you find the right carpet tiles for your needs.

Mohawk carpet tiles are second to none, and at Floor Expo, we can help you enhance your commercial space with the right Mohawk carpet tiles for your needs. Stop by our flooring showroom in Fairfield to check out our selection for yourself, or contact us today to schedule your free design consultation.