Every great home starts with great flooring — so if your current floors leave something to be desired, it’s time for an update.

Floor Expo has been offering New York and New Jersey flooring installation services for over 30 years. We’re proud to provide the area with residential and commercial flooring services, the best flooring materials, and of course, quality flooring installation and replacement. Stop by our showroom for more information, or contact us online to get the flooring knowledge you need!

Why You Need a New Floor

Visual Appeal

Floors are the foundation of any beautiful space. A new floor installation instantly adds beauty and luxury to your home or business.


Floors that are cracking, peeling, or shifting aren’t just unsightly — they can create trip hazards and increase the risk of water damage to 

your subfloor. New flooring stands up to spills and makes your property safer.

Resale Value

Many flooring types will net you a 150 percent ROI once you sell your property. That’s as good as it gets when it comes to renovations.


There’s nothing like having a brand new floor under your feet. It makes a house feel like a home, and it makes your business feel like a home, too.

Choose the Floor Installation Experts

Floor Expo carries the very best in flooring materials — but we’re also New York and New Jersey’s premier flooring installation team. With Floor Expo, you have professionals tackling your flooring needs from start to finish — from design consultation to estimates to installation — so you can have a floor you’ll love for years to come. For commercial or residential flooring services, gives us a call or stop by our 20,000 square-foot showroom today.