When you want the best vinyl for your commercial space, you want Mohawk Vinyl Flooring.

Whether you own a retail store, a restaurant or even software development company, you expect a lot from your floors. They can make or break the design of your space, and you need them to be able to stand up to lots of traffic and abuse. Vinyl is durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain, making it perfect for any business. And, when you want the very best vinyl floors for your commercial space, there’s no better option than Mohawk vinyl floorings.

Enjoy innovative technology with Mohawk commercial vinyl.

What makes Mohawk luxury vinyl so much better than the other vinyl flooring options on the market? The answer is simple; Mohawk utilizes the best and most innovative technologies. Here are a couple of the technologies that go into Mohawk’s luxury vinyl flooring:

Uniclic® Locking System

With most vinyl floors, installation relies on glue, and it can be time-consuming and messy. But, Mohawk has made it fast and easy to install its vinyl flooring systems with the Uniclic Locking System. This is a tongue and groove locking system that simplifies the entire installation process. It also helps to ensure a solid, even floor and adds next-level protection against moisture and spills.


Do you dream of hardwood floors, but they just aren’t durable or easy enough to maintain for your needs? With SolidTech vinyl plank flooring, you can have the best of both worlds. These vinyl planks are made to look just like natural hardwood down to the very last detail, but they also have the cleanability, durability and waterproof protection that makes vinyl so appealing.

Let us help you find the right Mohawk vinyl for your commercial space.

Mohawk offers a huge range of vinyl flooring options, and if you need assistance finding the right style, color or design for your business, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Floor Expo. We’re always happy to help, so stop by our flooring showroom in Fairfield or schedule your free design consultation today.