Carpet remnants are a very economical, yet excellent, option to meet your carpeting needs.

First, let’s start with, “What is a carpet remnant?” A carpet remnant is a remaining piece of carpet from a previous carpet installation or carpet roll. Let’s say a previous customer is carpeting their whole house, and they need a roll that is 12 x 100. If there is a carpet roll available that is 12 x 115, it is beneficial for us to take the roll, in most cases, because our roll price is less expensive than our cut price.

We make the cuts for the rooms ourselves in our warehouse, therefore, cutting down on the labor that the manufacturer’s warehouse employees have to perform, and that’s why our Fairfield carpet installers are able to offer lower costs.

After completing the carpet job, we would have a remainder of 12 x 15. That would be called a carpet remnant because it’s a leftover cut of carpet. It is still brand new, can be any quality level from better, best to good — depending on what the customer ordered. You can have carpet remnants from prominent brands, like Karastan, Stanton, Mohawk SmartStrand and Shaw. You’ll get the best bang for your buck, because all we want to do is unload that remaining cut of carpet. Carpet remnant pricing starts from just $0.99 per sq. ft. for carpet only.

Come stop by our showroom located at 444 US HWY 46, Fairfield, NJ for a large selection of carpet remnants in stock. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 973-276-0039 today!