1. choosing sunroom flooring floor expo new york new jersey

    How to Choose Flooring for Your Sunroom, Part 2

    There are very few rooms in your home or office space with the versatility that a sunroom affords. A sunroom can be an oasis after a long day at work, a place to relax on the weekend with friends over coffee and stories, or it can be a great place to “be” outside when the weather is too cold to …Read More

  2. choosing sunroom flooring floor expo new york new jersey

    How to Choose Flooring for Your Sunroom, Part 1

    When you’re in the flooring business, you are able to help a lot of people choose the best flooring options for their homes. Many people replace the flooring in their kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedrooms. However, not many people replace the flooring in their sunroom. After all, sunrooms a…Read More

  3. light hardwood floors floor expo new york new jersey

    The Great Debate: Light Hardwood Floors

    There are a lot of hardwood flooring options these days, from beautiful exotic woods to traditional woods from right here in the United States, such as oak and elm. You can choose from dark hardwood or light hardwood, as well as a ton of different finishes. Hardwood flooring can make your whole home…Read More

  4. dark hardwood floors Floor Expo New York new jersey

    The Great Debate: Dark Hardwood Floors

    Hardwood floors have become one of the most popular flooring options for both homeowners and business owners for the obvious reasons: durability, beauty, and ease of care. However, many people are divided straight down the aisle as to whether dark wood floors are the best or light wood floors are. F…Read More

  5. lighting on hardwoord floors floor expo new york new jersey

    Lighting for Your Hardwood Floors

    Most of us know the difference between a well-lit room and a dark room. Light makes a room brighter and more inviting. You want to spend time in that room. Dark rooms are places you avoid and places where you stick unwanted items like your old artificial Christmas tree. Lighting that you choose for …Read More

  6. more benefits area rugs floor expo new york new jersey

    More Benefits of Area Rugs for Your Hardwood Floors

    In our last blog post, we discussed some of the benefits of investing in area rugs (rugs that cover a hard surface flooring) for your hardwood flooring, including how area rugs add comfort, reduce noise, and add in an aesthetic value that can tie your whole room decor together. In this blog post, we…Read More

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    Rugs for Your Hardwood Floors

    There are many reasons people install beautiful hardwood floors in their homes: from beauty and value to overall easier maintenance and to cut down on allergies. That being said, having a soft place to put your feet, such as a throw rug, can be nice to have as well. Floor Expo offers the best commer…Read More

  8. Signs Your Carpet Needs to Be Replaced

    Few things are better than walking around the soft carpet in your house. It is soft to the touch, and it looks incredible, but as the years go by, your carpet is going to show some wear and tear. Whether you’ve recently purchased a house that has old carpet or your house is in need of a facelift, …Read More

  9. Choosing Flooring When You Have Dogs in the House

    The furry friends that you have at home can quickly turn a frown into a smile. With their puppy eyes and loving hearts, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for your pup. While they may be the light of your life and you love coming home to them every day, they do require some additional thinking …Read More

  10. Carpet Stain Removal Myths

    Carpets are one of the most popular flooring options available. Their soft-to-the-touch feel and variety of styling options makes them a great choice when it comes to designing your home. That being said, when there is carpet in the house, the one thing that you can anticipate is the exposure to the…Read More

  11. Upgrades That Are Entirely Worth Making In Your Home

    When you purchase a house, it is often well known that you are going to have to spend some time working on it. Whether you’ve just purchased the home or you’ve lived there for years, there are specific updates that are entirely worth making. In today’s blog, we are going to touch on a few of t…Read More

  12. Styling Benefits of Hardwood Floors

    There are many reasons that people choose to add hardwood floors to their homes, but one of the most common reasons is the design elements that hardwood floors provide to a room. In the years that Floor Expo has been fortunate enough to install hardwood floors in the New Jersey area, we’ve seen th…Read More