Mohawk hardwood flooring is a beautiful option in any home

When it comes to class and timeless appeal, hardwood flooring is second to none. Hardwood flooring is a breath-taking choice, regardless of whether you’re looking for a flooring option for your living room or bedroom, and its beauty will never go out of style. At Floor Expo, we’re proud to carry Mohawk hardwood floors, because we believe that you deserve nothing less than the best.

A Hardwood Flooring Option for Every Style

Mohawk offers many different hardwood flooring options to choose from, and from five different species of trees.


Cherry is a strong wood that has a fine grain and a smooth texture. It makes for a distinguished look in any space, and it has pink and red hues, which deepen with exposure to light and age.


For an heirloom feel and a distinguished look, you’ll love walnut. Walnut has a dark brown color that is rich and full of life, and its grain is distinct, dark and swirling. And, although it’s a strong wood, it’s also lightweight.


An open-grained wood, oak is hard and dense, but it also provides warmth and tradition to the look and feel of your home. Oak has a neutral color that can range from a light wheat color that is slightly pinkish to a golden color, but it also takes well to staining


Due to its attractive variations, uniform texture and eye-pleasing color, maple is an incredibly popular choice for hardwood flooring. Maple is known for being shock resistant, and it takes staining well.


Hickory provides a lot of color variation and a dramatic pattern that can add a lot of natural beauty to your home. Among the American hardwoods, it’s one of the strongest and hardest options, and it ranges in color from light blonde to dark brown or reddish brown.

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