When it comes to residential carpet, no one beats Mohawk.

There are so many different Mohawk residential carpet products to choose from, and each one was made with style and functionality in mind.


With Karastan’s SmartStrand, you’ll enjoy built-in stain protection that will never fade or go away and a carpet that is simple and easy to clean using just mild detergent and water, making it perfect for homes with pets and kids. SmartStrand carpets are also environmentally friendly and durable.


SmartStrand Forever Clean

Much like traditional SmartStrand carpeting, SmartStrand Forever Clean is designed for next-level performance. It features Nanoloc™, which helps to fully encapsulate each fiber of the carpet for the ultimate in spill and stain protection.

Smartstrand Silk Reserve

When you want the softest available carpet, you want SmartStrand Silk Reserve. This carpet provides that same amazing performance that you get out of traditional SmartStrand carpeting, but it now comes with maximum durability and softness.


Air.o carpeting isn’t your typical carpeting. It’s made with a premium felt pad that makes it one of the softest and most comfortable flooring options you’ll find. Plus, it’s hypoallergenic, designed to release more dirt and debris during vacuuming, resistant to wrinkling and buckling, odor-free and 100 percent recyclable.


People in over 14 million homes have experienced first-hand how much of a difference Wear-Dated carpeting can make. Known for its ability to resist fading and staining, retain its appearance and remain strong, it’s one of the best all-around carpeting options available for homeowners everywhere.


EverStrand carpeting is ideal for anyone looking for clean, sustainable carpeting for their home. This carpet is made from recycled, premium PET polyester fiber, and it’s equipped with innovative soil and stain protection.

Forever Fresh Ultrasoft™

For homes with pets or kids, nothing beats Forever Fresh Ultrasoft carpeting. This carpet is designed to resist and eliminate odors through the use of zeolite, which is a nontoxic mineral that helps to neutralize odors.
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