Karndean Vinyl Flooring In New Jersey

At Floor Expo, we make a point to focus on high-quality products that are as beautiful as they are durable. Vinyl flooring has been an industry-leading option for years due to the excellent durability of the material. Not only is vinyl flooring an outstanding choice for a busy home, but it is also a great stylistic option. Karndean leads the way with beautiful vinyl flooring designs. From designs that are inspired by natural stone to styles featuring the gorgeous textures of hardwood, there is something for everyone when it comes to Karndean vinyl flooring products.

When you visit our showroom, we will be happy to walk you through the vast selection of Karndean products we carry. We are proud to provide our customers with the very best in quality and style options at our flooring showroom. Whether you are looking for an upgrade to your kitchen or you want to redo every bathroom in your home, we can work with you to pick out vinyl flooring that you will love.

Features and Benefits

Purity In Product

Karndean products vinyl flooring that is phthalate and formaldehyde free. They design 100 percent pure virgin vinyl floors in order to create a consistent product. The end result is a gorgeous and extremely durable vinyl floor.


Community Focused

With a focus on community, Karndean strives to have a positive impact both locally and globally. From how they source their products to the values their employees uphold, you will be purchasing vinyl flooring from a company who focuses on social responsibility.



Purchasing a new floor doesn’t have to be at the expense of the environment. Karndean’s vinyl flooring products are designed in factories which meet the Environmental Management and ISO 9001 Quality Management International Standards for certification. Rest assured that you are purchasing from a business who places value on their impact on the earth.



If you want to invest in flooring that is going to last for a long time to come, Karndean’s vinyl flooring is an excellent choice. With extreme durability and low-maintenance needs, this flooring style is a great option for homes with children, pets, and heavy foot traffic.


Visit Our New Jersey Flooring Showroom

Are you interested in learning more about Krandean vinyl flooring? If so, we invite you to visit our team at our New Jersey flooring showroom. Here you will be able to browse a vast selection of high-quality vinyl flooring options. Not only that, but you will also work with our skilled staff who can walk you through the array of options available to you.

Whether you visit us with a specific product in mind or you are simply in the mood to browse, we will be happy to answer questions and provide our advice. From installing new flooring in your kitchen to taking on the whole house, we will help you pick out the best products for your needs. Contact us online with any further questions for our team.