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Most of us know the difference between a well-lit room and a dark room. Light makes a room brighter and more inviting. You want to spend time in that room. Dark rooms are places you avoid and places where you stick unwanted items like your old artificial Christmas tree. Lighting that you choose for your rooms matters. Some people when looking for a home specifically look for a bedroom in a home where the window faces east so that they can have the morning sunlight shining upon them. Others who live in snowy climates may avoid north-facing homes where the sunlight has a difficult time hitting their driveway, so it stays icy all year round. The sun as well as lights that you install impact many things, and it can even impact our choice of flooring.

Floor Expo is your go-to flooring store for commercial and residential flooring, from hardwood floors and carpet to tile and linoleum. We offer the widest selection in New York and New Jersey, and our 20,000 square foot showroom gives you the opportunity to see what our flooring choices look like in the light. In this blog post, we’ll go over how lighting can affect your hardwood floors. Contact us today to get started!


Wood has the potential to be a very reflective surface, so depending on the lighting, you could potentially have too much light in your room due to the reflective properties. Moreover, if you have light wood floors or light wood furniture, bright lights can mix with the yellow tones of your flooring and basically make the flooring invisible or give it a washed out, worn look, which is normally not what you want.

Dark wood in general absorbs more light than lighter-colored wood, yet exotic wood allows light to move about the room more since it has natural light and dark color variances in its wood. Furthermore, natural light changes intensity with the movement of the sun during the day, which will change the look of your hardwood floors.


When your room has very little natural light, you’ll need to add artificial light to make it more hospitable. If you have light hardwood floors in a darker room, simply adding in light fixtures will be enough to brighten up the space. With darker hardwoods, Floor Expo in New York and New Jersey recommends that you avoid area rugs with dark tones or a thick texture, which can soak up any natural light, as well as artificial light, leaving you with the opposite effect you are trying to accomplish.

If you are looking for warm colors in your room, you’ll want to invest in incandescent and soft white fluorescent bulbs. Halogen and full-spectrum fluorescent bulbs do tend to mimic the bright light of the natural light better. These bright white lights look best with bright colors, while dark hardwood floors look better with more soft, yellow-colored lighting options.

The type of lighting can also affect the look of your flooring. For example, wall sconces, or small lights on your walls, aim light toward the ceiling and directly beneath the light. If you have a lamp with a colored shade, your residential or commercial flooring by Floor Expo will most definitely be affected, no matter the shade of your hardwood flooring.

The Fading of Hardwood Floors

Floor Expo reminds you that hardwood floors do fade under the sun’s powerful UV rays, which will lighten all shades of flooring. Exotic woods are especially susceptible to lighting impact. Even certain kinds of artificial lighting can impact flooring.

If you notice your hardwood floors are fading due to lighting, the best option that Floor Expo recommends is to place an area rug over your flooring, or move furniture around to protect those spots exposed to light.


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