Are you considering hardwood floor installation in Fairfield or the surrounding areas? If so, trust the professionals here at Floor Expo! We have years of experience with both commercial and residential flooring installations. We know all about the different flooring material options, and hardwood floors are a great choice for many types of residential needs. Here, we go over some of the benefits you can reap when you opt for hardwood floors in your home.

Added Aesthetic

First and foremost, hardwood floors are sought after for their unique and elegant aesthetic. There are many different styles and patterns of hardwood to choose from also, so you can customize your homes look to suit your tastes. According to many people, putting in hardwood floors (especially in comparison to carpeted) can actually visually open up the space of a room.

Easy Maintenance

Oftentimes, opting for more aesthetic translates into more maintenance. That is not the case with hardwood floors. Unlike carpets, hardwood floors are not really susceptible to stains. And of course, cleaning dirt and debris from hardwood floors is always a much easier process than cleaning them out of carpets. And spills? Just grab a paper towel!


Sometimes hardwood floors get a lot of flack because of their tendency to get scratched or dented over time. While these are certainly risks with hardwood floors, with proper care a well installed hardwood floor should last decades before it starts to succumb to damage. They do require some protection, but overall are one of the more durable flooring material options.

Added Home Value

As with any home renovation, you want to be sure you will be left with a more valuable home than when you started. Installing wood flooring is a great way to consistently raise the resale value of your house. On top of increasing the overall value of your home, having hardwood floors can actually help you sell your home faster if you do decide to move. Home buyers often view carpets as a sort of petri dish, and hardwood floors are very attractive to prospective buyers on the cusp of a decision.

Improved Air Quality

One huge factor to indoor air pollution is indoor carpets that holds onto dust, dander, pollen, allergens, and other particulate matter that finds its way into your home. But even laminate and tile flooring can catch debris in the grout and embossing lines. Hardwood flooring does not have these porous surfaces for this debris to stick to.

Cost Effective

Hardwood flooring isn’t usually what comes to mind when a person thinks of affordable flooring options, but that may not always be the case. While hardwood floors do tend to come with a steeper upfront price, their long lifespan, low maintenance needs, and high durability actually serve to lower their overall costs over time. When comparing flooring material options, make sure to look at these hidden costs, and project them into the future to compare material costs.

Lasting Color

Carpet and some other materials have the tendency to fade in color over the course of their life. One of the major attractions of hardwood floors is its steady appearance. Aside from the occasional dent, with proper maintenance you won’t have to worry about the look of your floors fading over time.

Refinishing Options

What do you do when you want to change the look of your carpet or laminate flooring? You have to replace the whole floor! That is not always the case with hardwood flooring. Often, if you want to say change the color of your floors, you can opt to have them refinished instead of replaced. This allows you to rest easy knowing that you can always change the look of your home without suffering prohibitively high replacement costs.

Improved Acoustics

Often whether or not your house has great acoustics is pretty low on a prospective home buyer’s list of priorities. However, once you’ve enjoyed great acoustics in your living room (especially if you’re a fan of media), you will never want to do without them. Of all of the flooring options available, probably none will improve the acoustics of a room like hardwood floors will. So set up that media room, invite the friends over, and turn up the volume to enjoy a miniature music venue right in your own home!

Have we enticed you into considering hardwood flooring for your home? If you are looking for residential hardwood flooring installation in Fairfield, trust the professionals here at Floor Expo! We have years of experience in the industry that we can bring to bear for your benefit. We also offer a host of other flooring material and service options. For more information, please do not hesitate to give us a call at your earliest convenience. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have!