Are you considering hardwood floors, but you’re unsure if they’ll be able to stand up to the abuses of everyday wear and tear?

There are so many reasons to choose hardwood flooring for your home. For one, it’s incredibly beautiful, and no other flooring type can match the classic charm of hardwood flooring. However, if you have kids or dogs, or even if you just abuse your floors a little more than most, you may think twice before spending the money to install hardwood floors in your home. However, when you combine Scotchgard™ Advanced Repel Technology with the ArmorMax™ Finish, you’ll find the durable, long-lasting solution you’ve been looking for.

We’ll provide you with the ultimate in soil and stain protection.

The combination of Scotchgard and ArmorMax is a recipe for next-level soil and stain prevention. Helping your beautiful hardwood floors stand up to everyday wear and tear like never before, these innovative technologies have revolutionized the flooring industry. In fact, when you compare ArmorMax Finish with our finishes, you’ll find that ArmorMax will provide you with a finish that is up to five times more resistant to wear than the competition. In a standard Taber abrasion test, we found that the ArmorMax Finish scored 2700 cycles, compared to the 563 cycles of the leading competitor’s finish. And, since more cycles equal more resistant, you can rest assured that you’re finishing your floors with the very best with ArmorMax.

The Benefits of Choosing the ArmorMax Finish

  • Durability – How does ArmorMax provide a superior level of durability to your floors than that of the competition? Unlike other finishes, ArmorMax is designed to penetrate deep into the fibers of the wood. This will help to make your floors up to five times more resistant to daily abuses and wear and tear than if you were to used a standard finish.
  • Performance – With ArmorMax, you’ll never have to worry about the damage from soil and dust again. Why? Because ArmorMax offers a built-in surface that is designed to repel stains. This makes it impossible for soil and dust to bond with the surface of your floor.
  • Low-Maintenance – What if we told you that could enjoy the cleaner floors for longer? That’s exactly what you’ll get with ArmorMax. Because ArmorMax repels stains, it makes it possible to reduce your floor’s cleaning and maintenance needs. Not only does this mean that your floor will look cleaner for longer, but it also keeps it looking like new for a lot longer as well.
  • Warranty – With ArmorMax, you can enjoy the peace of mind in knowing that your floors are taken care of because it comes with a 50-year finish warranty!

Protect your hardwood floors with ArmorMax and Scotchgard.

With ArmorMax and Scotchgard, every homeowner can enjoy the beauty of hardwood without having to worry about its ability to withstand everyday abuses. And, here at Floor Expo, our professional hardwood installers in Fairfield can help you find the right hardwood flooring solution for your home. Stop by our store or contact us today to get your free design consultation.