Have you ever noticed that certain homes have very specific smells? No one really notices how their own home smells; they get so used to being there that they become nose-blind to the signature odor of their own home. But, we all want our homes to smell good. No one wants their home to be that house — the one that has a weird, distinct odor. And, luckily, there are many things you can do to ensure that your house is always on top of its game where odors are concerned. Here are a few tips to help you make your home smell amazing:

#1. Make your own DIY air fresheners on the stove.

Believe it or not, you don’t need to go out and buy those plug-in air fresheners at the store to keep your house smelling great, because you can make them yourself! Grab a small saucepan and simmer some water, along with citrus peels and herbs, such as mint, lavender or even cinnamon. This is ideal for the fall and winter because the heat from the simmering liquid will permeate your home, spreading the sweet, delicious scent throughout.

#2. Be strategic about where you place your candles.

Burning candles is a fantastic way to make your home smell great, but in order to capitalize on your candles, it’s important to be strategic about where you place them in your home. One great trick is to store unlit candles with curtains, blankets and other linens. The fabric will absorb a lot more scent than you might realize, and those fabrics will help to spread the scent wherever they are placed.

#3. Don’t neglect your garbage disposal.

Nothing can make a house stink like a garbage disposal full of rotten food can. And, luckily, making sure the garbage disposal is clean is an excellent way to ensure that your home always smells its best. The first thing you should do is pour some water and lemon-scented dish soap down the disposal and run it. If that doesn’t do the trick, put a lemon or lime rind into the disposal, and run it with the water on. If that still doesn’t take care of the smell, you might be better off calling a plumber.

#4. Keep dryer sheets in your drawers and your closets.

Dryer sheets not only make laundry smell amazing when it comes out of the dryer; they can be used just as effectively outside of the dryer. Stuff some dryer sheets in your drawers, or place some in closets. Every time you pull something out to wear, it will smell laundry-fresh!

#5. Bake something.

One of the most effective ways to spread a delicious odor around your home is to bake something! We know that you can’t always be baking something, but this is an excellent trick when you have people coming over. Best of all, when you bake a sugary treat, not only will your home smell incredible, but you’ll also have something tasty to serve your guests! A few treats that will make your home smell particularly yummy include chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls, brownies and apple pie.

#6. Spread the goodness through the vents.

Most of the options we’ve gone over so far are excellent for making certain parts of your home smell great, or for making your home smell good for certain periods of times, but there’s on genius way to keep your whole home smelling wonderful for at least a few weeks: clip an air freshener or car deodorizer in your air vents. When the air flows through your home, it will take that sweet smell with it. Just as foul odors can be spread throughout your home via the duct system, so can pleasant odors.

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