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There are many reasons people install beautiful hardwood floors in their homes: from beauty and value to overall easier maintenance and to cut down on allergies. That being said, having a soft place to put your feet, such as a throw rug, can be nice to have as well.

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What is An Area Rug?

Rugs are most commonly called area rugs these days. These are rugs, or smaller pieces of carpet, that go over your hardwood floors or other hard floorings that are quite common both in businesses and in homes. They can come in many shapes and sizes, from square and rectangular to octagonal. Area rugs only cover a certain area, and, unlike carpet, are not tied to the floor. Area rugs can be moved around your room, which gives it even more value when you get in the re-decorating mode at your home or office space. Below are the many advantages to area rugs.



An area rug with its many available colors could be the perfect accent piece your room is missing. It can tie together all of the other decor seamlessly without people knowing exactly why your room looks so put together.

Reduces Noise

If you have both carpet in your home and hardwood floors or other hard surface, you may have noticed that your hardwood floors produce a slight echo, while your carpet does not. This is because carpet, and thus your area rug, absorbs more sounds than hardwood floors. Moreover, just walking on carpet or your area rug is quieter as well, and if you have dogs, you know what room they are in by the click of their nails against the hardwood floors. Floor Expo in New Jersey offers both carpet and hardwood flooring so you can mix and match according to your needs.

If you are an apartment owner, carpets are essential to have as the main flooring choice in your apartments because it dampens the noise your residents will hear from other apartment units. If you have kids, carpet and area rugs can be life savers because you can be comfortably reading upstairs in bed while your kids wrestle on a sound-absorbing carpet downstairs.

More Comfortable

Many reasons that people keep carpet in their bedrooms is for the comfort it affords. After all, when it’s really cold out, the last thing you want to do in the morning is put your feet on a really cold hardwood floor. In fact, this could lead to you inadvertently sleeping in more since you subconsciously are avoiding the cold floor in the morning. Furthermore, if you do a lot of standing, there is no doubt that it’s easier to stand on carpet than otherwise. The softness of carpet offers it flexibility that has give when you walk. This thus absorbs the impacts of your steps, which makes walking and standing less impactful on your spine and back as well.


Let’s face it, we all need flooring since it’s one of the major parts of any building that is used quite frequently and sometimes heavily. Depending on your lifestyle or commercial business need, flooring needs to be durable, long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing, and functional. Flooring needs to fit your space and make your space come alive. Area rugs can be an integral part of not only your interior design or style, but also to the comfort and noise level of your home.

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Our flooring experts can help you decide on which type of flooring you will need based off the potential use of it, and our flooring experts can help you with product, style, design, and installation. Our carpet, hardwood, laminate, vinyl sheeting, tile, and plank products are some of the nation’s best. We also offer area rugs.

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