Don’t let your fear of stains keep you from enjoying the many benefits of carpeting in your home!

No homeowner wants to have look at a nasty stain on their carpet. In fact, some homeowners hate stains so much that they will choose any other flooring type over carpeting. But, there are so many benefits to choosing carpet for your home, and if staining is the only reason why you’re not going with carpet, then you’ll be glad to know that carpet isn’t what it used to be. Today, some of the industry’s leading brands, like Mohawk, are adding innovative technology into their carpet that makes it more resistant to stains than ever before. Additionally, when stains do happen, in almost every case, you can remove them on your own with quick action and a little know-how. Check out our last blog to learn how to remove a couple of the most common carpet stains, and keep reading to learn more.

Nail Polish

If you’ve ever spilled nail polish on your carpet before, we don’t need to tell you the sense of foreboding that occurs. But, luckily, there are more ways to combat nail polish stains than you might think! The key to removing nail polish is — you got it — to get to the stain before it has a chance to dry.

  1. Scoop up as much of the nail polish as possible with a spoon.
  2. Using a clean towel or washcloth, dap any excess nail polish that remains in the carpet.
  3. With a nail polish remover that doesn’t have acetone in it, dampen the towel and blot the area again.
  4. Repeat step four until the stain is gone, making sure to switch towels as the one you are using becomes dirty.

While it’s easier to clean up nail polish that’s still wet, there’s still hope if the polish has dried! Here’s what you can do to clean up a dry nail polish stain:

  1. Using a knife, spoon or even just your fingers, scrape up and pick out as much of the nail polish as possible.
  2. Vacuum up any flecks of nail polish that you have freed from the carpet.
  3. Dampen a clean towel with a non-acetone nail polish remover and blot the area.
  4. Repeat step three until the stain is gone, making sure to switch towels as the one you are using becomes dirty.


Nothing strikes fear in the heart of a homeowner quite like a blood stain on their carpet. Blood is one of the most dreaded types of stains, but as long as you act quickly, it’s a lot easier to get out than most people think. But, there is one major difference when it comes to removing blood stains — you never want to use warm water, as it will make the blood coagulate and permeate the fibers of your carpet.

  1. Mix a couple of teaspoons of liquid dish soap with cold water in a spray bottle.
  2. Soak the area until the stain is completely submerged.
  3. Using a clean dry cloth or a blank (not printed) paper towel, blot up the liquid and the stain.
  4. Rinse the stain with cold water and blot it up again with a clean towel.
  5. Repeat steps two through four until the stain is gone.

Red Wine

Nothing can ruin a good party like a bad red wine stain. But, don’t panic, because, if you take steps to fight the stain right away, it doesn’t have to destroy your carpet.

  1. Working from the outside in, blot up as much of the excess liquid as you can with a clean, dry towel or cloth.
  2. Apply a layer of salt to the stain and let it sit for a few hours or overnight. The salt works by soaking up the moisture, so don’t try this method if the stain has already dried.
  3. Once the stain is completely dry, vacuum up the salt.

As you can see, even the toughest stains can be removed without professional help when you know how to tackle them. Don’t let your fear of stains keep you from enjoying the many benefits of carpeting in your home. Turn to our professional carpet installers in New Jersey at Floor Expo to find the right carpet for your home. Contact us for your free design consultation!