As you go about deciding on the carpeting for your house, it’s important to note that the carpet used in a child’s room isn’t necessarily going to be the same as, let’s say, the carpet used in your living room. Rather than get yourself overwhelmed with the endless options that come with choosing carpet, check out today’s blog. We are going to cover a few of the tips that can help you find the right carpet for your child’s room.

Comfort Factor

One of the main reasons that people consider carpet for their child’s rooms is because of the added comfort that it brings to the bedroom. Kids spend quite a bit of time on their floor, so it only makes sense that it’s comfortable while they’re down there. Whether they’re going to be playing with their favorite toys, reading a book, or enjoying a sleepover with friends, soft carpet can make these moments all the better.

That being said, when you go to find the right carpet for your child’s room, it’s always good to look for something that is soft to the touch and has a little bit of length to it. This type of carpet will keep your kids comfortable throughout their childhood.

Consider Color

While you may be wanting to go with a beige or an off-white carpet for the rest of your house, think again when it comes to your child’s room. Though it may seem strange to have a break in carpet color in your home, the reality is that you need to be prepared for the messes that will inevitably happen in that bedroom. Even if you have set rules in place that keep your kids from painting pictures or drinking juices in their room, you can guarantee they’ll get into something that will land on the carpet and could potentially stain it.

Colored carpet doesn’t have to be extreme. It also doesn’t have to be so far on the dark color spectrum that you can’t see a mess at all. All in all, you may want to opt for carpet that is a few shades darker in their room, or throughout the whole house.

Set Rules

As we just finished mentioning, carpet can be easy to make a mess of, but rules definitely help. If you currently have carpet and there aren’t any rules set in place, it’s time to change that! New carpet should undoubtedly come with some newly established rules for your children. It’s essential that they understand what can and cannot be done on the carpet. First, sit down and take a minute to recognize some of the messes or potential messes that are particular to your child. Maybe they love drinking cranberry juice, or they’re in a phase of loving watercolors. Both of these factors could potentially be a stain on the carpet down the road.

In order to avoid that, it’s good to set compromises with your children. For example, juice can go no further than the tiled or hardwood floors, or it simply needs to stay in the kitchen. This rule helps minimize the chances of juice being taken on the new carpet. The important part, however, is that you’re consistent with these new rules.

Contact Floor Expo

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