The temperatures have been low and winter has fully settled in. With that being said, as a homeowner, you have to anticipate the endless mess that is having children. If you have carpets throughout your home, then you immediately have to worry all the more. In today’s blog, the team at Floor Expo are going to talk about a few tips that can help you keep your carpets clean this winter. Grab a pen and start taking notes.

Ditch the Shoes

If you don’t already take your shoes off at the door, winter is definitely the time to start. When kids are spending hours outdoors playing around in the snow or jumping through puddles, you can guarantee that mess is going to make its way through your home. Unfortunately, when you have carpet, these types of messes aren’t going to stay on the surface. For that reason, you should get in the habit of taking your shoes off at the door.

Vacuum Often

Regular cleaning is incredibly important, especially when it comes to carpet. When you take the time to vacuum your carpets, you have the chance to clean up any dirt, dust, and allergens that are sticking around in your carpet. This is extremely important when it comes to having clean carpets, but it also helps provide your home with a higher quality of air. If you have kids that are known for spending some playtime on the carpet, you definitely want to do your best to vacuum at least once a week.

Consider Runners & Rugs

One of the very best ways to keep your carpets clean is to throw down some runners and rugs on top of your carpet. Not only is this going to provide you with some coverage of your carpet, but it can add a little flair to your home. If you are considering adding runners or rugs to carpeted areas in your home, it’s always good to start in the parts of your home that get high amounts of traffic. That way, you are protecting your carpet in these commonly used spaces, but you also don’t have to worry about the carpet wearing down any faster than the rest of the home.

Contact Floor Expo

Carpet is an absolutely beautiful flooring option for the home. With the endless color options, the soft-to-the-touch feel, and the added design elements that it brings to your home, it’s no wonder that so many people choose to add it to their home. That being said, when you have carpet in your home, you definitely want to make sure that you’re taking the time to maintain it and keep it clean. We hope that these tips help you keep your carpets clean this winter.

Whether you’ve just had some carpet added to your home or you’ve been considering replacing it, these tips are incredibly crucial to keeping your carpet clean and maintained. If you need any help with questions, you have about carpeting, or you’re interested in getting a free design consultation from our team, contact us! We would be more than happy to help you find the right flooring solution for your home.