Vinyl Tile

Residential Vinyl Tile Flooring Brands:

  • Mannington Adura Vinyl Tile Flooring
  • Armstrong Alterna Vinyl Tile Flooring
  • DuraCeramic by Congoleum Vinyl Tile Flooring
  • Ovations by Congoleum Vinyl Tile Flooring


Vinyl tile flooring is one of the most popular flooring options that most homeowners use today. There are hundred of various types of designs, colors and textures to choose from. The biggest advantage of vinyl tile flooring is its durability. Vinyl tile floors are very resilient against scratches, scuff marks and stains. Vinyl tile floors are a terrific choice for mudrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens and playrooms. It’s a perfect fit for high-traffic rooms because they are so resilient. Vinyl tile flooring allows you to alternate various colors and patterns to design a creative and unique checkerboard or other stunning visuals.

Why is vinyl tile the most favored choice for residential flooring? Because anyone can install it themselves! By following careful directions, a toolkit and some prep, you can install a striking vinyl tile floor yourself. You can also remove them yourselves if you want to change it later on.

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