LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile

LVT, also known as Luxury Vinyl Tile has more choices and designs to choose from than Vinyl Composition Tile. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) has more durability, flexibility and is best for Commercial flooring. LVT Luxury Vinyl Tile is preferred more for high-traffic areas such as hospitals, retail stores, etc, because it is resilient to scratches and scuff marks and has more durability.

Luxury Vinyl Tile is an alternative to natural materials with all the benefits of vinyl. LVT can look like wood, stones or marble which is protected by an extra layer of vinyl. The natural materials which with Luxury Vinyl Tile can be altered into numerous designs by using today’s latest technology, imaging, texturing and finishing. It’s easy to install and has a long warranty.


LVT Options:

  • Available in Glue-Down or Lock & Fold
  • Available in Tile or Plank, some new ones are available in 12×24 tiles


Luxury Vinyl Tile Brands:


Mannington Adura LVT

Adura from Mannington is one of the best luxury vinyl tile products on the market today. Mannington Adura is the only vinyl flooring product that comes with its’ patented Scratchguard. You can scrape this floor with a real quarter and the wear layer will not come off, if you try this with other vinyl products, you will see a white film come off with the quarter, which is the products wear layer. Mannington Adura comes with a limited lifetime and a 6 year light commercial warranty.


Armstrong Alterna LVT

Armstrong Alterna is a vinyl and limestone composite made to mimic natural stone and ceramic. It looks so real that you will have to bend over and touch the vinyl tile to see if it’s ceramic or stone to find out it’s vinyl. Alterna also comes with a limited lifetime warrant and a 5 year light commercial warranty.


Congoleum DuraCeramic LVT

DuraCeramic by Congoleum is also a vinyl and limestone composite lvt product made to look like natural stone or ceramic. The major difference between Alterna by Armstrong and DuraCeramic by Congoleum is that DuraCeramic is ScotchGuarded. If you spill wine or tomato juice it will not soak into the product. DuraCeramic also offers a limited lifetime warranty along with a 5 year light commercial warranty.

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