Hospitality Flooring

Hospitality flooring materials have a tough life. They deal with heavy traffic, frequent spills and accidents, rough cleaning practices, and tons of other situations where the potential for damage would be far too high for any residential flooring to stand up to. When you’re choosing a flooring for your office, restaurant, storefront or other area that’s open to the public, you want a product that will stand up to all of that without showing signs of wear and tear, and that’s what Floor Expo is proud to offer you.  



Carpet is traditionally thought of as a soft, comfortable flooring that will pamper and soothe bare feet. For residential carpeting, those are all wonderful qualities. For hospitality carpeting, however, durability is much more important than softness, and bare feet are unlikely to be a concern. We offer densely woven carpets with tight loop designs and short pile heights. This makes the carpet very resistant to being worn down by heavy traffic. The porous nature of carpet and the fiber’s ability to absorb spilled liquids makes it more susceptible to staining than many other types of hospitality flooring. Many designers turn to busy patterns in dark colors to make the occasional stain less noticeable. At Floor Expo, we offer both strategically patterned carpet tiles, as well as offering products that use less absorbent fibers, making stains less likely to occur and much easier to clean if they do happen.


Resilient Flooring

There are several different types of resilient flooring, and each have qualities that make them fantastic options when searching for flooring to use in a store, office or other area open to customers and clients. Most of them are water resistant, which makes cleaning up spills a breeze. The differences between them make them each best suited to different uses, but all of them are durable and low-maintenance.

  • Rubber – A popular choice for areas where children or other guests who are prone to slips and falls may spend a lot of time, rubber can be one of the softer flooring types. Different kinds of rubber can be softer than others, which can be important to know depending on the area where you intend to use it.
  • Vinyl – Almost as cushy as some of the softer rubbers, vinyl is a fantastic choice for the versatility of style that it offers. Almost any pattern imaginable can be created using different vinyl tiles. It can also be designed to mimic more expensive materials, like hardwood and natural stone, giving your floors a high-end appearance without the pricetag.
  • Linoleum – If your business is interested in going green, linoleum might be the perfect flooring for you. Most brands are naturally eco-friendly, and carry all of the same benefits as other resilient flooring materials, like durability and ease of maintenance.



Tile is one of the more expensive options for hospitality flooring, but by far the best option in places where hygiene is a concern, like kitchens and bathrooms. The non-porous surface gives bacteria and germs no place to hide come clean-up time, so they can be wiped out with a simple mop and some antibacterial soap.

No matter what material you choose for your flooring, choose Floor Expo to provide it. We offer the best deals on materials and installation for hospitality flooring in the Fairfield area.

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