Commercial Rubber Flooring

Commercial Rubber Flooring balance function with beauty. Commercial Rubber Flooring is safe and a cost-effective flooring solution that will give you a lifetime of use. The new rubber flooring options from Johnsonite and Burke Mercer have a rich selection of colors, textures and patterns to choose from including speckled or marbleized patterns, not to mention an array of shapes. But don’t let the standard options fool you, with new the new collections you can customize your commercial rubber floors endlessly.

Commercial Rubber Flooring is naturally slilp retardant, it is safe, comfortable and soft under foot. It is an excellent chioce of flooring for gymnasiums, health clubs, daycares, public areas and much more. Rubber also has natural shock absorbing and acoustic properties. Commercial Rubber Flooring has a long life and requires very little maintenance.


Commercial Rubber Flooring from Johnsonite:

  • Roundel Solid Color Rubber Tile
  • Roundel Surface Textures
  • Circulinity Rubber Tile
  • Roundel Prima Marbleized and Olio
  • Mesto Marbleized Rubber Tile
  • Roundel Speckled Rubber Tile
  • CityScape Speckled Rubber Tile
  • Triumph Skate- and Spike-Resistant Tile
  • Multi-Functional and Sports Flooring
  • Inertia Multi-Functional Rubber Tile
  • Defiant Oil and Grease Resistant Rubber Tile


Commercial Rubber Flooring from Burke Flooring:

  • Endura Solids Rubber Flooring
  • Endura Flecksibles Premium Rubber Flooring
  • Endura Simply Smooth Rubber Flooring
  • burke MarbhD Rubber Flooring
  • burke Marble Rubber Flooring
  • EcoScore Athletic & MultiPurpose Rubber Flooring
  • Endura SRT Athletic & MultiPurpose Rubber Flooring
  • EcoFitness Flecksibles Athletic & MultiPurpose Rubber Flooring
  • EcoFitness Naturals Athletic & MultiPurpose Rubber Flooring
  • burkeTurf Athletic & MultiPurpose Rubber Flooring


Commercial Rubber Flooring Can be Installed in:

  • Education – Commercial rubber flooring is ideal for school hallways, gymnasiums, classrooms, college dorms, day care centers, etc.
  • Healthcare – Commercial rubber flooring because of it’s natural slip resistance is great for assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, etc.
  • Transportation – Commercial rubber flooring for Car Dealerships, Train Stations, Bus Stations, Airports
  • Entertainment – Again because of the anti-slip properties and soft surface commercial rubber flooring is ideal for child entertainment venues that provide indoor entertainment for children.
  • Hospitality – Elevators, Great for commercial kitchens, prevent breaking if something falls, soft underfoot for the kitchen staff, clean up spills in a breeze!
  • Industrial – Autobody shops, garages, warehouses, etc.


The Best Commercial Rubber Flooring Brands:

  • Johnsonite, a Tarkett Company Commercial Rubber Flooring
  • Burke Mercer Commercial Rubber Flooring

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