Commercial Carpet Tile

Carpet Tile Brands We Carry:

  • Aladdin Commercial
  • The Mohawk Group, Bigelow, Karastan Contract and Lees
  • Durkan Hospitality
  • J+J Invision
  • Masland Contract
  • Shaw Contract Group
  • PatCraft
  • Tandus Centiva


Carpet Tile can be Installed in:

Commercial Carpet Tile is the best type of flooring for ANY of the below applications because of its endurance of high soil and high traffic areas.

  • Corporate – office buildings, conference rooms, lobbies, hallways, etc.
  • Retail – boutiques, department stores, retail stores, dressing rooms, and common areas in a mall
  • Education – ideal for high traffic corridors and classrooms to conference rooms, libraries, auditoriums, day care centers and waiting areas, etc.
  • Healthcare – just what the doctor ordered for medical office buildings, doctor’s offices, waiting rooms or assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, etc.
  • Hospitality – perfect for hotel rooms, restaurants, resort suites, conference centers, country clubs, casinos, lounges, hallways, lobbies and elevators, etc.
  • Government – libraries, court houses, court rooms, staff areas, administrative offices, common areas of institutions and museums


Commercial carpet tile also known as modular carpet flooring offers many advantages. It’s easy to install and easy to clean. If you get a tough stain, just pop out the tile and clean it in a sink, it really is that simple. If you prefer, you can replace one tile – not the whole room. Because it’s modular, you can even mix and match carpet tile colors and patterns to create your own unique look and combine it with other floor coverings for a performance engineered work environment that has visual appeal and fits your long-term flooring budget.

There are wide varieties of styles, colors and price ranges to choose from many different manufacturers. Your creativity can be properly reflected in the commercial carpet tile application you choose. You can create interior wonders with the variety of color combinations in our range of commercial carpet tile. You can also select different color combinations to develop newer, modern and stylish designs that can give a trendy look to your office, hotel or restaurant or you can select from many neutral, monotone colors with classic designs to give your commercial interior a timeless design.

The greatest feature of carpet tile is that if one carpet tile becomes damaged you do not have to replace THE ENTIRE FLOOR!! You can purchase extra tiles at the time of initial installation and easily remove and replace an existing damaged tile if necessary. Don’t forget, they can also be washed in your dishwasher and hung to dry!!!

Floor Expo has hundreds and hundreds of styles and colors of commercial carpet tile or modular carpet to choose from. With our experience, we can assist you in picking out your floor, measuring your installation area and installing the floor to your satisfaction.

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