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ArmorMax™ Finish combined with Scotchgard™ Advanced Repel Technology prevents dust and soil from bonding with the floor surface. Together, these two technologies serve as the ultimate barrier against everyday wear and tear. ArmorMax Finish has proven to be up to 5x more resistant to wear than other similar products. In fact, products coated with ArmorMax Finish scored a superior 2700 cycles compared to just 563 cycles for our leading competitor during a standard Taber abrasion test. The more cycles the more wear resistant!


  • Superior Durability: Unlike topical finishes, ArmorMax™ Finish penetrates deep into the wood fiber, making it up to 5 times more resistant to wear than other similar extended wear finishes.
  • Superior Performance: Built-in surface shield repels stains so that dust and soil are unable to bond with the floor surface.
  • Easy Maintenance: ArmorMax™ Finish eliminates the need for frequent hardwood cleaning and floors stay new looking for longer. keeping the floor looking newer longer
  • Outstanding Warranty: 50-year finish warranty


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