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Preverco has many types of flooring ranging from 100% Solid Hardwood also known as SolidClassic to Hardwood with an HDF core. This is to make the same look affordable in different price ranges or if you have a concrete sub-floor and can’t install solid hardwood and must go with engineered or lock and fold, also known as PreLoc. Preverco Wood has you covered from traditional solid to engineered to HDF core. Take a look at the differences. To shop Preverco Hardwood Flooring Products – Click Here.

Preverco Wood Flooring is a high quality, clear grain wood that is made 100% in Canada. Made of top grain wood means less waste during installation. Call us at (973)276-0039 for more information. Floor Expo is an Authorized Preverco Dealer. You should know that if you don’t buy from an Authorized Dealer your warranty is null & void, so be careful where you purchase from – buy from Floor Expo, our selection and price can’t be beat!

Preverco SolidClassic


Preverco SolidGenius

Preverco Wood SolidGenius

Preverco Engenius

Preverco Wood Engenius

Preverco PreLoc

Preverco Wood PreLoc

Preverco SolidFlex

Preverco SolidFlex

Preverco HD PreLoc

Preverco HD PreLoc

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